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Poolscaping (Pool Landscaping & Hardscaping)

Poolscaping refers to the art of designing and enhancing the landscape and hardscape elements around a pool area, transforming it into a stunning oasis. It involves a combination of landscaping and hardscaping techniques to create a visually captivating and functional space. Picture lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and carefully selected plants strategically placed around the pool. In addition, imagine beautiful hardscaping accents like decorative stone or brick pathways, elegant pavers surrounding the pool, and seating areas with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas for relaxation.

Poolscaping creates a harmonious blend of nature and design, with elements that complement the pool's shape, color, and style. This transformative process turns the pool area into a sanctuary, where homeowners can unwind, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of their outdoor space.

Poolscaping Ideas & Designs

Most homeowners who get a pool installed simply build a concrete deck around it, then call it a day. We play a little differently. We aim to provide new and unique experiences to our customers that will turn not only their pool, but their entire backyard, into a dream-come-true.

Here are a few designs you may could consider (pending available plantlife and time of year):

Tropical Paradise: Transform your pool area into a lush tropical retreat with poolscaping design inspired by exotic destinations. Incorporate palm trees, vibrant flowering plants, and cascading vines. Use natural stone or tropical-themed tiles for the pool deck, complemented by bamboo accents and thatched roof structures.

Contemporary Elegance: Embrace sleek and modern poolscaping with clean lines and minimalist elements. Opt for sleek concrete or granite pavers for the pool deck, paired with geometrically shaped planters and carefully pruned shrubs. Incorporate elegant lighting fixtures and minimalist water features for added sophistication.

Mediterranean Oasis: Transport your pool area to the Mediterranean coast with a poolscaping design inspired by Mediterranean aesthetics. Use terracotta tiles or natural stone for the pool deck, and adorn the surroundings with fragrant herbs like lavender and rosemary. Add rustic elements like pergolas, wrought iron furniture, and colorful mosaic accents.

Residential poolscaping and pool landscaping done at a North Shore IL home

Please note: We do not currently offer pool design or installation services through our company. We only provide post-installation services, or pre-planning design consultations for adding soft or hardscapes to your pool, once completely built.

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