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Nothing says luxury or status like a fully-built, custom Outdoor Living Space for your home - bringing the elegance of the indoors outside to your backyard. Most homeowners who choose to make the investment into an Outdoor Living Space do so with the intention of providing a relaxing, serene accomodation to their guests, not just themselves. During the hot summer months, or the cold winter season, tactfully designing an Outdoor Living Space or Living Room can prove to be a great investment. Besides, who woudn't want to spend a few extra hours outdoors, basking in the sunlight or staying warm next to a crackling fire?

Outdoor Living Area, Patio, Seating Wall, Fire Pit, and Kitchen Project
Another view of an Outdoor Living Space with Pergola, Patio, Kitchen, Furniture, and more

What Does An Outdoor Living Space Consist Of?

Patios, seating walls, covered terraces, kitchens, BBQs, fire pits, fireplaces, pool(scaping), furniture, etc. All of these amenities, commonly, are a part of the average Outdoor Living Space. People will often build and design these for their homes as a way of extending their living area out into their yard - so that they can entertain, relax, create a more custom atmosphere, or because they are creative and love the vast elegance that a beautiful Outdoor Living Space can provide.

Outdoor Living Spaces will often be built on top of a patio, or under a covered awning from the back or side of the house. There are "standalone" Outdoor Living Spaces as well - ones which are erected away from the home altogether, that stand a part from most everything else in the yard. These types of Outdoor Living Spaces are sometimes commonly referred to as an "Oasis". Fully-enclosed Outdoor Living Areas are also popular for smaller, fenced-in yards, as they tend to be more private and intimate settings for hosting and entertaining.

Materials used to build out a space like this vary, but common ones are going to usually be brick, stone, granite, cement, or wood. Hiring a professional is of utmost importance when dealing with your perfect Outdoor Living Space - as they can point you towards the right designs, materials, layout, and expertise to get it all built exactly the way you envision it.

Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Living Space

Besides being a luxury amenity for your home, having an Outdoor Living Space provides many health, emotional, and social benefits to you and your guests as well.

1.) Encourages Going Outdoors

Let's face it, we'd all like to spend more time outside - breathing in the fresh air, letting the warm sun soak over us, having deep conversations with friends we don't get to see that often - and Outdoor Living Spaces provides such means to do all of it, and enjoy it!

Being outdoors has been shown time and time again to provide positive health benefits to those taking advantage: like better immune systems, improved sleep patterns, vitamin D, fresh air, and many more.

Even if your Outdoor Living Space is screened in, you still receive the benefits of the cleaner air and the natural pollen during the Spring - which can affect your allergies in positive ways over time. It's also great for your children or grandchildren, because they will have a clearer area to play and have fun in. Everyone wins!

2.) Deal With Stress In A Positive Way

Sometimes all we need after a long day at work is to come home and relax. Not to watch TV or jump on our phones, but to just sit outside on our patio, cup of tea in hand, and breathe in deeply the crisp, cool air of seasons.

Relaxing outdoors is a great way to de-stress, calm the nerves, think on better thoughts, and let the worries of the day fade from your mind. Ah, serenity at last...

And if being alone isn't your goal, asking a friend, spouse, or loved one over to join you just adds to the moment - wouldn't that make your day 10x better?

3.) Become Closer With Friends and Family

We don't always have the luxury of spending time with our loved ones, everyone is always so busy and rarely has time for get-togethers. Now that you have your Outdoor Living Space, you can entertain more - and that means having close relatives over for lunch, dinner, and cookouts more often.

What better what to spend a Sunday afternoon, or Thanksgiving holiday, than to have everyone over for good, wholesome time together?

Whether it's eating at the Outdoor Bar, roasting marshmallows on the open fire pit, or playing a game of cornhole on the extended patio - it will be a good time for everyone involved, you can assured of that.

An Outdoor Living Space Is An Investment

Adding onto your home in any capacity can yield strong advantages in the investment market. When a home is sold, many facets of the property are taken into account when appraising it's value: one of them being the total number of "liveable" rooms the home has. When you build out a full Outdoor Living Space, complete with functional amentities (kitchen, bbq, fire pit, fireplace, lighting, etc.), you essentially create another room from which to derive value from. The more use the room gets, in all weathers, seasons, and situations, the better it will return for you when it comes time to sell the property.

According to this article from BHG, a well-built deck or porch alone can provide upwards of $20,000 added value to your property. Basically, the more use a homeowner can get from the property, the more value it has. So don't be shy in "adding value" to your home in the way of a nice Outdoor Living Space.

  • Patios, Terraces, Verandas, and Pavilions: 8-10% added home value, with ROI over 80%
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Bars: Upwards of 100% - 200% ROI. Southern states tend to see better return (warmer climate)
  • Fire Pits & Fireplaces: ROI can be between 75% and 80%, depending on materials and natural gas or wood burning.

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