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Why Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces?

Fire pits and fireplaces are a popular addition to outdoor living spaces, providing a unique and enjoyable experience all year round. Not only do they add warmth to cool nights, but they also extend the time that you can spend outside in the beautiful weather. While pre-fabricated fire pits are a common option, custom-built fire pits offer homeowners the opportunity to personalize their backyard space. In this article, we'll explore some exciting alternatives to traditional fire pits that can enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living area.

Fire Pit Designs & Themes

Designing a custom outdoor fire pit for your living space can be an exciting process with countless options to choose from. A good tip is to match the color of the fire pit's material with the patio or exterior siding of your property. A contrasting color can also add visual interest to your outdoor space.

Masonry fire pits are a popular choice, built using a combination of materials such as brick, stone, concrete, veneer, rock, or cement. Some are designed to house a steel or copper bin, while others are made purely from the foundational material itself. Fire pits can complement other landscaping elements such as trees, pine straw, dirt, and even swimming pools.

When designing your fire pit area, consider color as the primary factor, with accenting as an important secondary element. Combining darker and lighter shades or using a monochromatic scheme can create an appealing and cohesive look.

How Are Fire Pits Built & Installed?

When planning for a Fire Pit, masons and hardscaping contractors typically start by creating a quick 2D design layout to determine where the pit will be placed. They will measure and survey the land to be excavated, then remove any grass, rocks, roots, leaves, and other debris. They may stack stones or bricks without using any mortar or adhesive, but a professional installer will ensure that everything is bonded and sealed properly.

After building the base or housing, the final ring is placed around the top of the pit, sealed tightly, and filled with brush, logs, or other combustibles. However, the work doesn't stop there. Accenting the area around the Fire Pit is crucial to ensure that it is not built too close to anything that could catch fire. Installing the Fire Pit on a patio or with gravel around it is generally recommended.

When building a custom Fire Pit, it's important to consider the materials used to match the surrounding patio or property. Popular materials include brick, stone, concrete, veneer, rock, or cement. The design can also incorporate contrasting colors or match the existing color scheme. Proper planning and construction ensure a functional and visually appealing addition to any outdoor living space.

Beautiful Fireplaces For Outdoor Living

An outdoor brick or stone fireplace is a great addition to any outdoor living space. It can provide warmth during chilly nights, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round. Additionally, a fireplace can act as a focal point for your outdoor living area, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

A well-designed fireplace can also add value to your home and enhance the overall aesthetic of your property. It can be built to match the style and design of your home and landscaping, making it a seamless and complementary addition. Ultimately, investing in an outdoor fireplace offers numerous benefits for homeowners, including extended outdoor enjoyment, enhanced aesthetics, and increased property value.

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